19 Aug
About Us
Moonamvazhi.(The alternate path)

A beginning …. The start for an alternate media movement as strength for people’s views and cooperation . The world has seen the strength and the power of people’s co-operative efforts. Kerala is an ideal example in India for the same. In the current times there is no field which the co-operative sector has not touched. The current co-operative sector has the backup,
efficiency and finance to match any in the private co-operates .The strength of the co-operative has been recognized by many associations, and close to 5 lakh members are connected with this sector. It has become synonymous with the source of fulfillment of dreams and reducing the sorrows for the common man.

Moonamvazhi represents the essence of that vision.

One of the prime effort is to bring the result of good works within the reach of the common man. To connect with the co-operatives, to look at new initiatives and integrate. At the same to be watchful to take correct steps and willfulness to correct the mistakes. To see that the good changes reaches members, associations and to whoever feels connected.

Moonamvazhi is looking at communicating about the cooperative, connecting the cooperative sector with all sections of society and thereby bringing a greater reach of the good works.