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മത്സരത്തിലെ ഇംഗ്ലീഷ്

മത്സരത്തിലെ ഇംഗ്ലീഷ് – 20

(ചൂര്യയി ചന്ദ്രന്‍)

Old Questions :

Co-operative Bank Exam

Questions :  set – I


  1. Choose correct meaning from the brackets for the following phrases.
  • To turn a deaf ear to
  1. to attend B)  to take seriously
  2. C) to look after D) to show indifference

2)  A bed of nails

  1. A) painful   B) comfortable          C) suitable           D) meaningful
  2. Choose antonyms
  • Antique
  1. old             B) modern                 C) traceable         E) simple

4)   Bonafide

  1. A) untrue          B) torture                  C) malafide         D) truth

III. Correct the following sentences choosing the appropriate form of verb given in the


5)  He is teaching in this institution since 2010.

  1. A) was              B) has been               C) have been teaching     D) had taught

6)  Cattle is grazing in the paddy field.

  1. A) are               B) will be                  C) had to             D) would
  2. Choose synonyms given in brackets.

7)  Quench

  1. A) wait   B)  satisfy                  C) distaste           D) overcome

8)  Refute

  1. A) deny            B) accept                   C) allow              D) annoyance
  2.      9)  Meaning of allusion is
  3. A)  reference     B) questioning           C) speaking         D) avoiding

10) Meaning of illusion is

  1. A)  incorrect      B) wrong thinking     C) justification    D) touching
  2. Choose the crying sound of the following from the brackets :

11)  Deer

  1. A) pip               B) bell                       C) buzz                D) hiss

12)  Cats

  1. A)  growl           B) coo                       C) mew               D) bell

VII. Choose the young ones of the following from the brackets :

13)  Fox

  1. A) calf              B) cub                       C) kitten              D) billy

14)  Donkey

  1. A) foal              B) fawn                     C) kitten              D) bull

VIII. Choose the correct spelt word from the following :

15)  A)  muscian       B) musician               C) mussician        D) mucisian

16)  A)  recession     B) rescesion               C) recission         D) resition

  1. Choose one word for the following :

17)  A person between the age of 70 and 80.

  1. A)  septuagenarian        B) neptuagenerian     C) centurion    D) nonagenarian

18)  A tank for fishes

  1. A)  pond            B) backwater             C) aquarium        D) sea
  2. Fill up the blanks selecting from the brackets.

19)  He was travelling _________________ the bus.

  1.           A)  in                    B) on                        C) through           D) to

20)  My daughter is a

  1. A)  bachelor         B) spinster                C) non-bachelor  D)  non-spinster


Answers :

I           (1)  To turn a deaf ear to = (D) to show indifference [ to pay no attention ]

(2)  A bed of nails = (A) painful

II         (3)  Antique (old) x (B) modern

(4)  Bonafide (genuine) x (c) malafide

III        (5)  (B) He has been teaching in this institution since 2010.

[ 2010 apX XpS-cp-¶-Xv. Ct¸mgpw XpS-cp-¶p. AXn-\m present perfect

continuous  tense D]-tbm-Kn-¡-Ww.]

(6)  Cattle are grazing in the paddy field

Cattle : plural noun. is AÃ ; are BWv icn.

IV        (7)  Quench (Zmlw ian-¸n-¡p-I) (B) satisfy.  (satisfy thirst by drinking)

(8)  Refute (A) deny (\n-tj-[n-¡p-I)

V         (9)  allusion  (]-cm-aÀiw / kqN-\) =  (A)  reference

(10)  illusion = (B) wrong thinking

VI        (11)  Deer – (B) bell

(12)  Cats – (c) mew

VII      (13)  Fox – (B) cub

(14)  Donkey  –  (A)  foal (filly)

VIII     (15) (B) musician

(16) (A) recession  (hym-]m-c-amµyw)

IX        (17)  A person between the age of 70 and 80 :  (A) Septuagenarian

[A person between the age of 70 and 79]

(18) A tank for fishes :  (c) aquarium

X         (19)  He was travelling  (B) by the bus

(20) My daughter is a  (B) spinster (A-hn-hm-ln-X)







Questions :  set – II

  1. Choose from the alternatives given the correct form of the verb given in brackets.
  • She usually (sing) classical songs, but today she is singing a film song.
  1. sings B)  is usually singing
  2. C) has usually sung D)  has usually been singing

2)  He is not here now. He (go) to Chennai

  1. A) goes   B) has been going     C) is going           D) has gone

3)  I (have) so many interruptions yesterday.

  1. A) have had   B) was having           C) am having      D) had
  2. Pick out the most effective word (words) from the given words to fill in the blanks to

make  the sentence meaningfully complete in the context of the sentence.

4)   I was so tired that I fell

  1. A) sleep            B) slept                      C) asleep             D) sleeping

5)  Payal saw a snake _____________ she thought would bite her.

  1. A) which          B) where                   C) when              D) so

6)  Which of these three bags is.

  1. A) heavy          B) heavier                  C) heaviest          D) the heaviest

III.  Choose correct prepositions and fill up the blanks.

7)  I don’t allow the strangers to come ________________ the house.

  1. A) to               B)  in                         C) inside              D) down

8)  I have another pair of shoes ___________  this.

  1. A) along           B) besides                 C) in place of      D) among

9)  The whole village appeared beautiful _____________ dawn.

  1. A)  at                B) in                          C) on                   D) from
  2. Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning of the word given in bold :

10)  Antique

  1. A) Pure             B) Ancient                C) New               D) Clean

11)  Collect

  1. A)  Take            B) Distribute             C) Give               D) Gather
  2. Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning of the word given in



  1. A) Slowly         B) Finally                  C) Fortunately     D) Immediately


  1. A) Villager       B) Outsider               C) Respectable    D) Missionary
  2. Find out the wrongly spelt word.

14)  A)  Vociferous  B) Grusome              C) Continuous     D) Hindrance

15)  A)  Personnel   B) Beauraucracy       C) Imperative      D) Reeling

VII. Find out the suitable phrasal verb and fill in the blanks.

16)  As my father was seriously ill, I ______________ a doctor.

  1. A)  calls for       B) call up                   C) call for            D) called in

17)  He had prepared well, but he did not ____________ the examination.

  1. A)  get on          B) get through           C) got                  D) get up

VIII. In each sentence below one word has been printed in bold. Below each sentence

four words/groups of words are suggested one of which can replace the word printed in bold without changing the meaning the sentence. Find the appropriate word/words in each case.

18)  The Doctor was puzzled by the patients strange symptoms.

  1.              A)  Worried                   B) Confused                        C) Annoyed        D) Frightened

19)  Being punctual is necessary in your service.

  1.    A)  Healthy       B) Cheerful                C) On time     D)  Free from worries

20)  He listened to my request with indifference.

  1.                        A)  Concern      B)  Disinterest            C) Caution     D)  Displeasure


Answers :

I           (1)  (A) sings [usually F¶ adverb ]Xn-hmbn \S-¡p¶ Hcp {Inbsb Ipdn-¡p-¶p.

Habitual action in the present \v simple present tense BWv th­-Xv. (sing/sings).

Subject Bb she, singular BWv. Sings F¶ verb, singular]

(2)  (D) has gone  [t]mbn F¶ sense In«m³ went ]äpw. ChnsS AXn-Ã. ]n¶oSv

tbmPn-¨Xv present perfect Bb has gone.]

(3)  (D) had

[Yesterday F¶ adverb past tense s\ Ipdn-¡p¶p.]

II         (4)  (C) asleep

(5)  (A) which  [snake \v tbmPn¨ relative pronoun, which BWv]

(6) (D) the heaviest

III        (7)  (C) inside

(8)  (B) besides  (Iq-Sm-sX)

(9)  (A) at

IV        (10)  Antique  x  (c) new

(11)  collect  x  (B) distribute

V         (12)  instantly  =  (D)  immediately

(13)  stranger  =  (B)  outsider

VI        (14)  (A) Vociferous  a

(B)  grusome    r  [ gruesome ]  a

(C)   continuous  a

(D)  Hindrance  a

VII       (16)  (C)  Called for [ to visit a place in order to collect someone]

(17)   (A)  get on [ to deal with a situation successfully]

VIII     (18)  puzzled  =  confused

(19)  punctual  =  on time

(20)  indifference  =  disinterest





Questions :  set – III

  1. In each of the following questions a sentence has been sequentially broken into four parts and marked as A, B, C and D. Identify that part of the sentence which has an error and mark its alphabetic code as the answer. If the sentence is correct without any mistake, mark option ‘E’ which means ‘no error’ as the answer.
  2. A) Suppose if you meet with an accident / B) on the way while riding your bike/
  3. C) who do you think / D) will help you out ? / E) No error.
  4. A) At the end of the day / B)  the only viable option /  C) the childless couple had /
  5. D) was to adapt to a child / E) No error.
  6.  A) My teacher  / B) told to me to bring / C) my father because /  D) I didn’t do the

homework/ E) No error

  1. A) Although the boy/ B) worked hard day and night / C) to pass the exam/ D) but he

failed it / E) No error

  1. Aeroplane is related to Pilot in the same way as Elephant is related to
  2. A) Mahout    B)  Elephant Man        C) Elephantine    D)  Saddle  E) None of these
  3. Aeroplane is related to Planet in the same way as Rose is related to
  4. A) Plant    B)  Root        C) Flower    D)  Leaf    E) None of these
  5. Hen is related to Chick in the same way as Tiger is related to
  6. A) Colt    B)  Calf         C) Lamb      D)  Cub     E) None of these
  7. Asset is related to Liability in the same way as Discrete is related to
  8. A) Random       B)  Continuous       C) Definite    D)  Increase   E) None of these
  9. Identify the antonym (word which is opposite in meaning) for the words given in capital

letter in the following questions

  1. The antonym for PRELIMINARY is
  2. A) Previous       B)  Final           C) Former    D)  Later   E) None of these
  3. The antonym for PREFERENCE is
  4. A) Dislike          B)  Refusal       C) Choice    D)  Prejudice   E) None of these
  5. Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to the word ‘MYTH’.
  6. A) Delusion       B)  Fantasy       C) Imagination    D)  Truth   E) None of these
  7. Identify the synonym (word which is similar in meaning) for the words given in capital

letters in the following questions.

  1. The synonym for DIAGNOSE is
  2. A) Treat             B)  Inject       C) Penetrate    D)  Investigate   E) None of these
  3. The antonym for PROCRASTINATE is
  4. A) Proclaim       B)  Delay       C) Produce     D)  Suffice    E) Emulate
  5. The synonym for PROLONG is
  6. A) Lengthen B) Consider    C) Promote    D) Relieve    E) None of these
  7. Each question below has one or two blanks. Each blank indicates that something has been omitted. Fill in the blanks by choosing the word or set of words from the options given below the sentences that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.
  8. The RBI _____________ the public against getting taken in by unscrupulous

entities_______ Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Schemes that promises high returns.

  1. A) Alerted, marketing               B)  Warned,soliciting      C) Cautioned, promoting    D)  Urged, mongering   E) Summoned, trading
  2. The angry officer called ____________ an explanation from his subordinate
  3. A) on          B)  for       C) out       D)  in      E) to
  4. Tourism has remained a ______ area even though there is a vast scope for its______
  5. A) Rejected, approval     B)  Prevented, acceptance       C) Neglected, development
  6. D) Dark, brightness         E) Glum, fame
  7. The government policies help local firms to acquire sufficient technological _______

to ________ in the international economy.

  1. A) Capabilities, compete           B)  Ideas, float      C) Innovation, share
  2. D)  Prowess, educate      E) Skills, practice.
  3. These quotations sometimes ___________ the flow of the ___________
  4. A) Refuse, contention            B)  Permit, contract       C) Interrupt, argument
  5. D) Useful, ideas   E) None of these
  6. The company has an enviable _____________ for exchanging faulty or unsuitable

goods without any __________

  1. A) Task, recourse       B)  Record, willingness      C) Reputation, question
  2. D) Position, postponement      E) Resource, compensation


Answers : 

  1. (A)  [suppose a ; if a ;  suppose + if  r]
  2. (D) [ to adopt a child ]

adopt   Zs¯-Sp-¡pI

adapt   A\p-Iq-e-am-¡pI

  1. (B) [ told me a ;  told to me r ]
  2. (D) [ he failed it a]
  3. (A) [ Mahout  ]m¸m³ ]
  4. (A) [Mars is not a planet ; Rose is not a plant ]
  5. (D) cub
  6. (B) continuous

[discrete / thdn« / separate ;

Asset / hkvXp / t\«w

Liability / ISw / tIm«w ]

  1. Preliminary  x  final
  2. Preference x dislike
  3. Myth x truth
  4. 12. Diagnose = investigate
  5. Procrastinate  =  delay
  6. Prolong  =  lengthen
  7. 15. (C)  cautioned , promoting
  8. (B)  called for  [ demanded]
  9. (C) Neglected,  development
  10. (A) capabilities, compete
  11. (C)  interrupt,  argument
  12. (C) reputation, question

Questions :  set – IV

  1. Choose the correct synonym from the following
  2.    Concord
  3. A) harmony   B)  disagree               C) discord           D) none of these
  4.        Remote
  5. A) near             B) distant                  C) sincere            D) suitable
  6. Choose correct form of verb from brackets for the following :
  7.    A train (carry) more passengers than by other source
  8. A) carry   B) carries                   C) carrying          D) none of these
  9.        The boys (play) cricket now
  10. A) plays            B) play                      C) are playing      D) none of these
  11.    The box (contain) apples
  12. A) contains   B) contain                 C) is containing  D) are containing
  13.        I have not (play) cricket since I left college
  14. A) played         B) play                      C) had played     D) have played
  15.    He has (work) here for ten years
  16. A) had worked B) worked                C) working          D) none of these
  17.   She (get) a job last month
  18. A) get             B) gets                        C) is getting        D) got
  19.       I (read) the book a few years ago
  20. A) read           B) have read               C) been reading   D) none of these
  21.    She writes as if she (be) an expert
  22.       A)  is               B)  was                        C) were                D) will be
  23.    All of us wished he (survive)
  24. A) survives     B) survived                 C) may survive     D) had survived
  25. She (help) you if she knows the real problem
  26. A) will help    B) helps                       C) helped              D) none of these

III.       Choose the correct antonym from the following:

  1. Rear
  2. A) back          B) front                      C) side                    D) away
  3. Oral
  4. A) written      B) spoken                   C) collection           D) none of these

IV        Choose the correct article from the following :

  1. __________________ cow is a domestic animal.
  2. A) The            B) A                           C) An                     D) none of these
  3. I spoke to him _________________ year ago.
  4. A) an              B) the                         C) a                        D) none of these

V         Choose the correct one word from the following :

  1. A young woman who is still unmarried
  2. A) bachelor     B) spinster                  C) ryot                    D) none of these
  3. Incapable of being read
  4. A) illegible      B) Legible                  C) Non-readabilityD) none of these

VI        Choose the correct preposition from the following

  1. ______________ err is human.
  2. A) outside        B) from                     C) to                       D) in
  3. My father works ______________ the railways.
  4. A) in                 B)  at                         C)  on                     D)  non of these




Answers :

  1. (1) concord  =  (A)  harmony

(2)  Remote   =  (B)  distant

  1.       (3)  (B)  carries  [Hcp hkvXpX hyà-am-¡m³ single present tense train (singular)

Carries (singular]

(4)  (C)  are playing

(5)  (A)  contains  [contain, continuous tense  D]-tbm-Kn-¡n-Ã. is containing  r]

(6)  (A)  have not played

[since t\msSm¸w present perfect / present perfect continuous tense am{Xta

D]-tbm-Kn-¡m-dp-Åq. ]

(7)  (B)  has worked  [ for ten years s\m¸w present perfect tense ]

(8)  (D)  got  [got, simple past ; last month F¶ adverb \v DNn-X-am-bXv simple

past ]

(9)  (A)  [ have read F¶ present perfect sâ IqsS past adverbial Bb a few

years ago tbmPn-¡n-Ã. simple past Bb read (sd-Uv) BWv DNn-Xw.

(10)  (C)  [ be = is / was / are / were / am F¶n-h-bn H¶mWv htc-­-Xv.

as if \v tijw was / were F¶mWv th­-Xv. ]g-b-co-Xn-bnÂ, were BWv

icn ]

(11)  (D). All of us wish he had survived.

[ `qX-Im-e-s¯-¸-än-bmWv ]d-bp-¶-sX-¦n wish + past perfect (had survived)

hÀ¯-am-\w, `mhn F¶n-h-sb-¸-än-bmWv ]d-bp-¶-sX-¦n wish + past simple

( survived)

eg:  I didn’t apply for the job. I wish I had applied for the job ]

(12)  (A)  will help

[ First type ‘if’ clause D]-tbm-Kn-¡p-t¼mÄ :

If clause sâ IqsS simple present (knows), main clause  modal present

tense (will help)

eg:  If he starts early,  he can reach early.

If they prepare well, they will get the first prize

III        (13)   (B)  rear  x  front

(14)   (A)  oral  x  written

IV        (15)   (A)  The cow is a domestic animal

[FÃm ]ip-¡-tfbpw ]än-bpÅ s]m-Xp-Imcyw Bb-Xn-\m cow sâ ap¼n the


eg:  A crow is black    r

The crow is black  a

(16)  (A)  I spoke to him an year ago.

V         (17)  (B)  Spinster

(18)  (A)  illegible

VI        (19)  (C)  To err is human

(20)  (C)  on





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