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മത്സരത്തിലെ ഇംഗ്ലീഷ്

മത്സരത്തിലെ ഇംഗ്ലീഷ്- 22

Co-op Bank / Society Exam

Old Question Papers – 2

Questions :  set – I


  1. Choose the correct form of the verb from the options

I ________________ English for the last five years.

  1. study B)  studying
  2. C) have been studying D)  am studying
  3. Choose the correct alternative from the options

We ________________ our breakfast half an hour ago

  1. finished B)  have finished
  2. C) had finished D)  none of the above
  3.  Which of the following words is not a correct plural form ?
  4. Menservants B)  Daughter-in-laws
  5. C) Passers-by D)  Maidservants
  6. Fill up with correct preposition.

He puts _______________ an air of dignity.

  1. A) off  B) on              C) out                 D) up
  2. Find out in which of the following sentences a present indefinite tense is used ?
  3. She goes to school by car B)  She is going to school by car
  4. C) They have gone to the hospital D)  He has been ill since Monday
  5. Which of the following sentences contains an adjective clause ?
  6. If I make a promise I keep it B)  I thought it might be a fine day
  7. C) The house that I live in belongs to my father
  8. D) They can say where they are
  9. Which one of the following is a complex sentence ?
  10. The moon was bright and we could see our
  11. No one can guess the time of his coming
  12. C) Come when you like
  13. D) The umbrella with a broken handle is mine.
  14. In which of the following sentences, the word “all” has been used as a pronoun ?
  15. A) All men are mortal                          B)  All spoke in his favour
  16. C) He was all alone when I saw him D)  He lost all in gambling
  17. In which of the following sentences article “the” has been wrongly used
  18. The few friends he has are all poor
  19. The more they get, the more they want
  20. C) The man is the only animal that uses fire
  21. D) The cow is a useful animal
  22. Identify the correct sentence
  23. A) No body, even the committee members, are here
  24. B) The President as well as members are guilty
  25. C) One of my friends are leaving for Japan today
  26. D) Either you or I am to attend the meeting today

.   11.   Which of the following words is wrongly spelt ?

  1. A) Accommodation B) Occurrence          C) Truly           D) Nineth
  2. Which of the following is correctly worded ?
  3. A) Time and tide wait for no man
  4. B) The earth is moving round the sun
  5. C) Make hay while the sun shines bright
  6. D) A stitch in time save nine
  7. Which of the following sentences is correct ?
  8. A) She is looking worried about something
  9. B) She has written a letter to the University last week
  10. C) The child is wanting her mother
  11. D) We have been waiting for him since four o’clock
  12. Which of the following sentences is wrong ?
  13. A) The pants are too loose for you.
  14. B) Fifteen kilometers is a long way to walk.
  15. C) You can’t pass the examination unless you will work hard.
  16. D) Ten minutes is allowed to each speaker
  17. In which of the following sentences, preposition is wrongly used ?
  18. A) He is suffering from typhoid                    B)  She is down with fever
  19. C) He is cured from malaria              D)  She is good at sports

.    16.  Identify the correct usage

  1. A) My position is same as you                       B)  My position is same as your
  2. C) My position is same as yours D)  My position is same to your
  3. Identify the correct question tag.

Use your common sense, _________ ?

  1. A) Can you ? B) Can’t you ?         C) Will you ?          D) Wont you ?
  2. Identify the correct question tag.

She is rarely seen, ___________ ?

  1. A) isn’t she ? B) does she ?            C) is she ?           D) doesn’t she ?
  2. Which of the following is the correct passive form of ?

“They found him guilty of murder.”

  1. A) He is found guilty of murder by them.
  2. B) It is found that he was guilty of murder.
  3. C) He was found guilty of murder by them
  4. D) They were found guilty of murder by him.
  5. Which of the following is the best correct active form of “It will soon be forgotten”.
  6. A) It will soon forgot by people                    B)  People would forgotten it soon
  7. C) People will soon forget it              D)  It shall be forgotten by people soon.


Answers :

1  (C)               2  (A)               3  (B)               4  (B)               5  (A)               6  (C)

7  (C)               8  (B)               9  (C)               10  (D)             11 (D)

12  (C)             13  (D)             14  (C)             15  (C)             16  (C)             17  (B)

18  (C)             19  (C)             20  (C)



Questions :  set – II

I     Fill in the blanks in the following sentences by selecting the most appropriate

alternative from among the four given under each sentence.

  1. I do not like such friends____________ come to me only for selfish purposes.
  2. A) who                       B) which                    C) as                D) that
  3.  He cannot pass _____________ he works hard.
  4. A) so long as             B) unless                     C) so long        D) without
  5.   The greater is the size the more does it cost because the price ______ on size.
  6. A) depends             B) rests                        C) counts         D) dwells
  7. Each of the following questions consist of an incomplete sentence. Each sentence

is followed by a series of lettered words one of which best completes the sentence. Select the word that best completes the meaning of each sentence.

  1. Democracy ________ some values which are fundamental to the realization

of the diginity of man.

  1. A) cherishes                B) harbours               C) nourishes        D) nurtures
  2.   There are many different opinions about the matter. It is a ________ issue.
  3. A) curious                   B) convertible           C) credential       D) controversial

     III.  In each of the following choose the correctly spelt word.

  1.    A)  Meadeavial             B) Mediaeval                        C) Mediaval        D) Medevial
  2.          A)  Liesure                    B) Leisure                 C) Lesuire           D) Leizure
  3.   Choose the option that is the most appropriate Antonyms to the given word.
  4.    Obscure
  5. A) Ambiguous             B) Murky                  C) Blurry             D) Obvious
  6.     Unique
  7. A)  Common                 B) Exclusive              C) Rare                D) Matchless
  8. Read each sentence to find out whether there is any error in it. The error if any,

will be in one part of the sentence.  The number of that part is the answer.

  1.   1)  Our teacher say        2) If you study sincerely         3) you will be able

4)  To get good marks

  1. A) 1                              B)  2                          C)  3                     D)  4
  2.   1)  No sooner did          2) The thief enter the house    3) Than the policeman

4)  Arrests him

  1. A) 1                              B)  2                          C)  3                     D)  4
  2. 1)  The Doctor was       2)  Prevented to visit C)  The patients in

4)  The other hospitals

  1. A) 1                              B)  2                          C)  3                     D)  4
  2. Find the appropriate meaning word for the underlined word in the sentence

  from the options.

  1.   The party decided with consensus upon his nomination for the post of


  1. A) Controversy B) Dispute      C) Discussion    D) Common agreement
  2.   The veracity of his statement could not be proved.
  3. A) Truthfulness B) Untruthfulness       C) Justifiability         D) Sincerity

VII. Out of the alternative given select the word which closely fits each definition.

  1.   Some thing that must happen and cannot be avoided.
  2. A)  inimitable        B) invariable                C) inevitable             D) inscrutable
  3.   A thing which catches fire easily
  4. A)  callous              B) inflammable           C) impatient             D) effervescent



VIII. Choose the correct preposition and fill in the blanks.

  1.   The boy fell down when he was climbing ________ the tree.
  2.              A)  on                B) up                        C) over               D) into
  3.     The children laughed __________ him.
  4.    A)  over             B) off                        C) at                   D)  of

IX     Write the correct verb form.

  1.   The police ____________ investigating the murder case.
  2.                        A)  is                 B)  was                      C) are                 D)  has
  3.   He ___________ five Indian languages and he is good at all of them.
  4. A) know            B)  knows                 C)  knowing       D) has known

Answers :

1  (A)               2  (B)               3  (A)               4  (A)               5  (D)               6  (B)

7  (B)               8  (D)               9  (A)               10  (A)             11 (D)              12  (C)             13  (D)             14  (A)                   15  (C)             16  (B)             17  (B)

18  (C)             19  (C)             20  (B)

Questions :  set – III

I           Choose correct articles from the following

  1. She can type sixty words _____________ minute.
  2. A) the   B)  an                        C) a                   D) none
  3. _____________ cow is a domestic animal
  4. A) the   B)  an                        C) a                  D) none
  5. Choose correct preposition from the following :
  6.  The Speakers were _________________ the dais.
  7. A) at B) in              C) on                 D) by
  8. He is always dressed _____________ white.
  9. A) of B) with          C) in                 D) at

III.       Choose one word from the following:

  1. Creating confusion on a matter
  2. A) ambiguity       B)  simplicity        C) amiability        D)  Veracity
  3. An order of the court asking some one not to do a thing
  4. A) Judgment       B)  injunction        C) judicata           D)  ruling

IV        Select the meaning of the word from the following :

  1. Amicable
  2. A) friendly       B)  peaceful           C) suitable           D)  mildly
  3. Censure
  4. A) to remove objectionable thing         B)  to blame       C) to punish    D)  to check

V         Choose the correct form of the verb given in brackets:

  1. She (write) a letter now.
  2. A) writes              B)  will write          C) is writing       D)  would write
  3. It (rain) now.
  4. A) will rain           B)  rains                  C) is raining        D)  is o rain
  5. The box (contain) fruits.
  6. A) is containing          B)  contains      C) will contain    D)  contain
  7. The accident (happen) one hour ago.
  8. A)  happened        B)  had happened       C) might have happened
  9. D) Ought to have happen
  10. She thanked me for what I (do)
  11. A) am doing        B)  had done         C) would do       D)  would have done
  12. Choose correct meaning of the phrase
  13. Mutatis mutandis
  14. A) along with  B) with changes    C) without changes         D) in support
  15. VOX Populi
  16. A) Popularity       B)  Big portion      C) Voice of the people    D)  Opinion
  17. Magnum opus
  18. A) great man        B)  scientist           C) sociologist       D)  an author’s greatest work

VII.     Select correct synonym from the following :

  1. Antique
  2. A) New               B)  old                    C) simple              D)  latest
  3. Emancipate
  4. A) liberate           B)  explain             C) distinguish       D)   rule

VIII.    Pick out correct antonym from the following:

  1. Kindle
  2. A) burn                B)  extinguish        C) shrine               D)  avoid
  3. Promote
  4. A) advance       B)  bring up           C) rejuvenate        D)  demote

Answers :

1  (C)               2  (A)               3  (C)               4  (C)               5  (A)               6  (B)

7  (B)               8  (B)               9  (C)               10  (C)             11 (B)              12  (A)             13  (B)             14  (B)                   15  (C)             16  (D)             17  (B)             18  (A)                        19  (B)             20  (D)

Questions :  set – IV

  1. Select synonym from the following words.
  2. Quench
  3. A) little                       B)  good                    C) satisfy             D) avoid
  4. Universal
  5. A)  common               B)  particular             C) limited            D) simple
  6. Choose the meaning for confused words.
  7. Accede
  8. A) adopt         B) allow        C) take into account        D) agree to a proposal
  9.  Exceed
  10. A) to go beyond           B) going ahead          C) neglect            D) no rule

III.  Choose the correct form of verb given in brackets.

  1.    One of the students (enter) the class
  2. A) enter   B)  enters         C) are entering         D)  were entering
  3. They (speak) in English
  4. A) speak           B) speaks                   C) had played     D) have played
  5. We (have) an English class yesterday.
  6. A) have          B) are having              C) had                            D) None
  7. The building (go) to be opened now.
  8. A) will go       B) goes                       C) will be going              D) is going
  9. She said that she (meet) the teacher accidently
  10. A) met            B) meets                     C) had met                    D) will meet
  11. Choose correct prepositions
  12. He prefers tea _______________ cofee
  13. A) than                 B)  unto                 C) to              D) from
  14. He is absent ______________ the class
  15. A) in                     B) of                      C) from         D) during
  16. Choose antonym from the following :
  17. Mandatory
  18. A) essential          B) optional            C) noticing            D) attentive
  19. Input
  20. A) outside            B) out let               C) output               D) out run
  21. Pick out one word from the following:
  22. A stage of no government in a country.
  23. A) autocracy        B)  anarchy            C) despotism         D) mobocracy
  24. Dead body of a human being.
  25. A) corps               B)  cadaver            C) corporeal          D) None

VII.  Choose the noun form from the following words.

  1. Advise
  2. A) advising          B) advise               C) advice               D) advisory
  3. Compete
  4. A) competion       B) competition      C) competing        D) compete

VIII     Choose meaning from the following

  1. in lieu of
  2. A) for want of      B) instead of         C) in the name of   D) in view of
  3. Achilles’ heel
  4. A) way to improve      B) weakness   C) the one and only thing
  5. D) reasons for failure
  6. To call a spade a spade.
  7. A) to speak very openly         B)  speak         C)  limit           D)  to do justice

Answers :

1  (C)               2  (A)               3  (D)               4  (A)               5  (B)               6  (A)

7  (C)               8  (D)               9  (C)               10  (C)             11 (C)              12  (B)             13  (C)             14  (B)                   15  (B)             16  (C)             17  (B)             18  (B)             19  (B)             20  (A)



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