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100 ചോദ്യങ്ങള്‍ ഉത്തരങ്ങള്‍

  1. The chairman of KSCB who subsequently became the minister for co-operation
  2. A member of the superseded committee is
    disqualified for contesting election for the next _______ terms
  3. Unlimited liability is defined under section ______ of KCS Act
  4. A declaration made under section 36 shall be in form number ________
  5. How many copies of application form shall be required for the purpose of registration of a society?
  6. An apex institution working on loss shall contribute rupees ________ towards education fund
  7. Which section of KCS Act defines the nominal or associate member?
  8. Not exceeding ____% of the net profit may be set apart for giving donation for any charitable purpose.

9.Who have the power to nominate not more than 2 persons to the committee of an apex society?

  1. Member relief fund is administered by _______
  2. The maximum fee for inspection of accounts by a member in the society
  3. The rate of dividend payable is decided by the
  4. _____ is the Taluk level authority for Co-operative education.
  5. A society shall not make a loan to any person other than a member as per section _______ of KCS Act
  6. _________ of a society is able to recover dues from the salary of a defaulter
  7. It is the responsibility of the committee to submit the financial statement for audit within ______ month from the date of receipt to the auditor
  8. The shares in a society shall be purchased from PSPF with the previous approval of _________
  9. Co-operative Arbitration court shall pass award within _______ year from the date of receipt of reference of a dispute
  10. Minimum qualifying service required for an employee in a co-operative society to receive the family pension is _____ years
  11. Fee for deciding the dispute is mentioned in Rule ________
  12. Member relief fund shall be maintained and administered by _________
  13. Application for renewal of affiliation to SCU shall be in form number _____
  14. Which rule of KCS Act deals with exemption from payment of audit fee?
  15. To whom an appeal shall lie against an order made by Registrar under section 71 directing the winding up of a society
  16. Deposit Guarantee scheme was framed by _________
  17. A person who receives the endorsed bill is ________
  18. _______ market deals with multi-currency requirement
  19. Stock in trade is a ______ asset
  20. ______ is also known as Participative financing
  21. Expand SAMIS
  22. Banking Ombudsman came into existence as per the recommendation of _________
  23. _______ deposit is a combination of term and demand deposit
  24. The appropriation takes place in ________ order according to Claytons case
  25. As soon as a banker receives a Garnishee order he should _________
  26. Introduction is not necessary in _________ account
  27. Credit card originated in which country?
  28. Offering additional service to existing customer is called ______
  29. Clearing Corporation of India Ltd was set up in the year?
  30. The consideration for a fresh proposal for loan is termed as —–
  31. —– is the process by which illegal funds and assets are converted into legitimate funds and assets.
  32. Total own fund less the accumulated losses is called ______
  33. Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency established in the year?
  34. Which committee recommended the Asset reconstruction fund
  35. Speedy rural development was the main objective of ________
  36. Fifth digit in IFSC code is _______
  37. HSBC started first ATM in India on the year _______
  38. Which committee recommended by KCC?
  39. Under casting of sales day book is corrected by crediting ________ account
  40. Credit card was firstly adopted by which country?
  41. As per guidelines of RBI the interest on SB accounts is calculated on a daily product basis from ______
  42. A _______ is a formal record of all transactions
  43. Closing stock is ________ to trading account
  44. The person who entitled to get money from the business is termed as a _____
  45. Provision for discount on debtors is _______ to P/L account
  46. Debtors ledger is also called __________
  47. Capital invested by the proprietor is ____________
  48. In accounting only _____ transactions are recorded
  49. Drawings accounts shows a ________ balance
  50. Amount spend on erection of a machinery is a ______ expenditure
  51. Expenditure incurred for acquiring goodwill is a ____________
  52. Total of the sales book is _______ to the sales account
  53. Provision for bad and doubtful debt is made against current year of profit because of ______
  54. The person who lends money or materials to business firms is called _______
  55. Least liquid asset are shown first in the order of __________
  56. Provision for bad debt account is created by debiting ______ account
  57. Liabilities which are not certain is called __________
  58. In a sole traders balance sheet, assets are arranged in the order of __________
  59. Abnormal loss on consignment is credited to ___________
  60. Commission received should be _________ to P/L account
  61. Revenue and expenditure are _______ in the trading profit and loss account
  62. A portion of income received during the current year which belongs to the next account period is known as ___________
  63. A certain percentage of the _______ shall be maintained with RBI as CRR by Banks
  64. Carriage paid to deliver the goods is treated as _________
  65. Proprietor is a lender and the capital invested is a liability. This concept is a part of ____ concept
  66. A bill arising out of a genuine trade transactions is called ________
  67. NORDIC is a joint purchase society in __________
  68. Who recommended the crop loan system in PACS?
  69. Labour contract societies in Italy are called ________
  70. ICA GEC is a ______ committee of ICA
  71. Author of the book “Organisation De Ultravail”
  72. In cooperative accounting accumulated depreciation is shown in the ____ side of balance sheet
  73. ZENNOH is the national federation of agricultural co-operatives in which country?
  74. Training institute of NCDC located at __________
  75. DITS is a software unit of ____ society
  76. Jagrithi is the publication of _________
  77. Neera is the soft drink of _________
  78. Hantex registered under which act?
  79. Supreme body of NCDC is ________
  80. First co-operative housing society in Kerala was at __________
  81. Kisan Credit Card is renewed _________
  82. CAPE started first Engineering college at ____________
  83. Name of the institution formed by amalgamating ARDC and agricultural credit wing of RBI?
  84. Health Maintenance Organization in USA was started by ___________
  85. An apex federation which received financial assistance from European Economic Community is ________
  86. Rochdale friendly co-operative society was formed in ___________
  87. Co-operative Tribunal in all states was recommended by ___________
  88. Mutual aid team was the first form of people commune in which country?
  89. Consumer societies of USSR in the middle level is called _________
  90. The HQ of CWS is located in __________

100.      _________ is the first Regional Union of KCMMF

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