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മത്സരത്തിലെ ഇംഗ്ലീഷ്

മത്സരത്തിലെ ഇംഗ്ലീഷ് – 23

Old Questions :

Co-operative Bank Exam


SET – 9


  1. Identify the synonym (word which is similar in meaning) for the words given in capital    letters in the following questions…


1          The synonym for DIAGNOSE is

  1. A) Treat B)  Inject         C)  Penetrate        D)  Investigate          E) None of these
  2. The synonym for PROCRASTINATE is
  3. A) Proclaim B)  Delay         C)  Produce          D) Suffice                E) Emulate
  4. The synonym for PROLONG is
  5. A) Lengthen B)  Consider   C) Promote           D) Relieve               E) None of these
  6. Identify the antonym (word which is opposite in meaning) for the words given in capital

letters in the following questions.


  1. The antonym for PRELIMINARY is
  2. A) Previous B) Final C) Former        D) Later          E) None of these
  3. The antonym for PREFERENCE is
  4. A) Dislike B) Refusal C) Choice        D) Prejudice    E) None of these
  5. Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to the word ‘MYTH.
  6. A) Delusion B) Fantasy C) Imagination D) Truth         E) None of these

C         Each question below has one or two blanks. Each blank indicates that something has been omitted. Fill in the blanks by choosing the word or set of words from the options given below the sentences that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

  1. The angry officer called ______________ an explanation from his subordinate
  2. A) on B) for C) out              D) in                E) to
  3. Tourism has remained a _______area even though there is a vast scope for its _________
  4. A) rejected, approval  B)  Prevented, acceptance       C) Neglected, development
  5. D) Dark, brightness        E) Glum. fame

9          The government policies help local firms to acquire sufficient technological______ to _________ in the international economy

  1. A) Capabilities, compete B) Ideas, float C) Innovation, share   D) Prowess, educate
  2. F) Skills, practice
  3. These quotations sometimes _____________the flow of the ___________
  4. A) Refuse, contention B) Permit, contract                  C) Interrupt, argument
  5. D) Useful, ideas E) None of these
  6. The company has an enviable _____________ for exchanging faulty or unsuitable goods without any ____________
  7. A) Task, recourse B) Record, willingness            C) reputation, question
  8. D) Position, postponement E) Resource, compensation


12        The RBI  _________________ the public against getting taken in by unscrupulous entities ___________ Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Schemes that promises high returns.

  1. A) Alerted, marketing B) Warned, soliciting C) Cautioned, promoting
  2. D) Urged, mongering E) Summoned, trading
  3. In each of the following questions a sentence has been sequentially broken into four parts and marked as ‘A, B, C and D’. Identify that part of the sentence which has an error and mark its alphabetic code as the answer. If the sentence is correct without any mistake, mark option ‘E’ which means ‘no error’ as the answer.
  4. A) Suppose if you meet with an accident/ B) On the way while riding your bike/
  5. C) who do you think/ D) will help you out/ E) No error/
  6. A) At the end of the day/ B) the only viable option/       C) The childless couple had
  7. D) was to adapt to a child/ E) No error/
  8. A) My teacher/ B) Told to me to bring/           C) my father because!
  9. D) I didn’t do the homework/ E) No error/
  10. A) Although the boy/ B) worked hard day and night                C) to pass the exam
  11. D) but he failed it E) No error/
  12. Hen is related to Chick in the same way as Tiger is related to
  13. A) Colt B) Calf C) lamb           D) Cub            E) None of these
  14. Asset is related to Liability in the same way as Discrete is related to
  15. A) Random B) Continuous C) Definite D) Increase      E) None of these
  16. Mars is related to Planet in the same way as Rose is related to
  17. A) Plant B) Root C) Flower        D) Leaf           E) None of these
  18. Aeroplane is related to Pilot in the same way as Elephant is related to
  19. A) Mahout B) Elephant Man C) Elephantine        D) Saddle    E) None of these


Answers :


Ans: .1.D         2.B                  3.A                  4.B                  5.A                  6.D                  7.B


8.C         9.A                  10.C                11. C               12 .C               13.A                14.D


15.B        16.D                17.D                18.E                 19.C                20.A















SET – 10


Instruction for Question No. 1 and 2:  Give Antonyms for the following words

  1. Artificial

(a) Red                        (b) Natural       (c) Truthful      (d) Solid          (e) None of these

  1. Subservient

(a)Aggressive   (b) Straightforward    (c) Dignified   (d) supercilious (e) None of these

Instruction for Question No. 3 and 4: Give Synonyms for the following words.

3    Canny

(a) Obstinate   (b) Clever        (c) Handsome       (d) Petty     (e) None of these

4    Error

(a) Misadventure    (b) Blunder   (c) Misgiving  (d) Ambiguity  (e) None of these

  1. To keep ones temper

(a) To become hungry   (b) To be aloof from   (c) To preserve ones energy

(d) To be in good mood    (e) None of these

  1. Scarcely had I completed the paragraph __________ the lights went off.

(a) When         (b) Then        (c) Are        (d) Than   (e) None of these

7    He does not interfere without ___________ completed

(a) Unless        b) Being he is    (c) Unless he were   (d) Being  (e) None of these

Instruction for Questions No. 8 and 9: Error correction

  1. Underwater archaeology has huge potential, as it could be a time consuming and costly way to study the past.

(a) As it is        (b) But it is      (c) Since it could be    (d) No correction

  1. The employees hope that the management would concede their demands.

(a) Would concede to their     (b) Will concede to its  (c) Will concede to their

(d) Will concede with their     (e) No correction

  1. You ___________ drive so fast, we have plenty of time.

(a) Will not      (b) Had not     (c) Need not    (d) Would not              (e) None of these

  1. Many companies see technology as a _________  for a whole host of ________problems.

(a) Panacca, business   (b) Linking, social      (c) Preference, educational

(d) System, domestic   (e) None of these

12     Thanks to its rebirth in the TV series the __________ word has returned to vogue

in __________ contexts of horrors.

(a) Used, responded     (b) Archaic, related     (c) Current, close    (d) French, English

(e) None of these

  1. One must not be ____________ by failure because it is often said that failure is the

stepping stone to success.

(a) Influenced      (b) Disheartened    (c) Affronted   (d) Discipline    (e) Peace

  1. Tolerance is __________ for peaceful relations among the members of a society

(a) Empowerment       (b) Apparent    (c) Redundant   (d) Imperative

(e) Phenomenal

Direction for Questions 15 and 16: In the following questions, sentences have been sequentially broken into four parts: identify that part of the sentence which has an error find out and mark its alphabet as the answer, if there is no error choose the option (E).




15    One must be diligent in doing his duty.

(a) One must   (b) Be diligent             (c) In doing      (d) His duty    (e) No error

  1. My brother intends joining in the Air force after graduation.

(a) My brother  (b) Intends joining in   (c) The Air Force  (d) After graduation

(e) No error

Direction for Questions 17 and 18. In the following questions a part of a given sentence is underlined. Correct the sentence with the proper choices given below; if there is no correction required; mark it as option (E).

  1. Students would have no real learning about the context in which rice is grown.

(a) Student would had no real learning   (b) Students would have had no real learning

(c) Students have no real learning   (d) Students would have real learning

(e) No correction

18   Since the Chief Minister did not approve with their demands, the employees decided to

intensify their strike.

(a) Approve of                  (b) Approve in       (c) Approve on     (d) Approve at  (e) No correction

  1. The river Nile is the longest river of Africa and is considered the ____________ of Egypt

and Sudan.

(a) life style      (b) life span       (c) life blood     (d) inspiration  (e) None of these

  1. The knowledge economy is a concept abused by hype, but it does _________ some truth

about the trajectory of economics with higher per capita incomes.

(a) Brief           (b) Capture      (c) Seize      (d) Picture   (e) None of these


Answers :

Ans:     1. B                 2.A                  3.B                  4.B                  5.D                  6.A

7.D                  8.B                  9.D                  10.D                I1.A                 12.B

13.B                14.B                15.D                16.B                17.C                18.A

19.C                20.B




SET – 11

Which word or words in the options under questions 1 to 14 will fill up the respective blanks correctly?

  1. Ass brays, crow
  2. a) cries b) crows c) caws            d) screeches
  3. He deals _______________ electrical goods
  4. a) with b) in                 c) on                d) for
  5. I ___________________ here for almost an hour.
  6. a) was waiting b) have been waiting c) am waiting         d) waited
  7. __________________ had he set foot on the street, when he was knocked down by a car. a) As soon as b) No sooner        c) Hardly      d) Almost when
  8. They sell _______________ dresses in that store.
  9. a) lady b) lady’s          c) ladie’s        d) ladies’
  10. A ______________ of elephants ____________ arranged for the festival.
  11. a) herd, was b) group, was       c) flock, were        d) troop, were
  12. I wrote down here phone number in case
  13. a) I forget it b) I forgot it         c) I will forget it     d) I may forget it
  14. I found it difficult to find a suitable ______________ for my son.
  15. a) acomodation b) accommodation c) accommodation      d) acommodation
  16. She hid the presents _______________ a blanket.
  17. a) below b) beneath c) under           d) by
  18. Whenever she has spare time, she enjoys ____________ television.
  19. a) watch b) watching c) to watch      d) to watching
  20. It is high time that you
  21. a) work hard b) worked hard c) start working hard    d) start to work hard
  22. Every boy and every girl ________________ present for the function.
  23. a) is b) are c) have             d) were
  24. A number of priceless works of art ____________ in the earthquake
  25.  a) have destroyed       b)  had destroyed        c) was destroyed      d) were destroyed
  26. You are not to admit anyone who __________ a ticket.
  27. a) do not have b) does not have d) have not      c) had not
  28. He finished his exercise and put away his books. This is a
  29. a) simple sentence b) complex sentence` c) compound sentence
  30. d) imperative sentence
  31. Choose an appropriate question tag for the statement. “Barking dogs seldom bite”
  32. a) don’t they? b) do they? c) will they?                d) aren’ they?
  33. Which tense form is used in the sentence “He has been sleeping for five hours”?
  34. a) present indefinite b) present continuous c) present perfect    d) present perfect


  1. Identify from the following the most appropriate indirect speech of the sentence: “The teacher taught “A stitch in time saves nine”.
  2. a) The teacher teaches that a stitch in time saved nine
  3. b) The teacher taught that a stitch in time saves nine
  4. c) The teacher taught that a stitch in time would save nine
  5. d) The teacher taught that a stitch in time will save nine


  1. Identify the correct statement.
  2. a) When I shall come to Madras, I shall meet you
  3. b) When I will come to Madras, I shall meet you
  4. c) When I comes to Madras, I will meet you
  5. d) When I come to Madras, I shall meet you
  6. Which of the following is the correct passive form of “I knew him”?
  7. a) He is known to me b) He is known by me
  8. c) He was known to me d) He has known to me




Ans:    1.C                   2. B                 3. B                 4. C                 5. D                 6. A                 7. B                 8.C                        9.C                  10.B                11.B                12.A

13.D                14.B                15.C                16.B                17.D                18.B

19.D                20.C






Set – 12


Choose the correct spelling

  1. a) Syllabus b) Syllabus      c) Sylabbus      d) Syllebus
  2. a) Forecast b) Forcast        c) Forcaust      d) Forcaste
  3. a) Coruppt b) Corrupt       c) Currupt        d) Curropt
  4. a) Villein b) Villaine       c) Villain         d) Vilain
  5. a) Perserverance b) Perseverence      c) Persevaranced  d) Perseverance.
  6. Please ______________ the matter carefully
  7. a) look in b) look up c) look on        d) look into
  8. The Principal ____________ the prizes
  9. a) gave away b) gave up       c) gave in         d) get over
  10. When do you ______________ in the morning
  11. a) get on b) get in c) get up          d) get off
  12. His uncle ________________ yesterday evening
  13. a) Passed away b) Passed for c) Passed on                d) Passed by
  14. The plane has just _________________
  15. a) taken off b) taken about c) taken away              d) taken up
  16. He drives 60 kms ____________ hour
  17. a) a b) an c) the               d) to
  18. He can play ______________ flute
  19. a) am b) a c) the               d) none of these
  20. He is not ____________ honourable man
  21. a) the b) a c) that              d) an
  22. Last month we went for _____________ picnic

a)an                 b) a                  c) the               d) none of these

  1. Raju’s uncle is __________  M.LA
  2. a) the b) a c) an                d) for
  3. He finds it difficult to ________________ both ends meet
  4. a) put b) keep c) make            d) take
  5. The management has ________________ from its promise
  6. a) Retreated b) Retrieved    c) Retailated    d) Retrospect
  7. The box was very heavy, so. I had to _________________ it to upstairs
  8. a) pick b) Carry c) Lift              d) Drag
  9. Still water ___________ deep
  10. a) Flows b) Runs c) Moves         d) Eddies
  11. ______________ knowledge is a dangerous thing
  12. a) Little b) The little c) A little         d) All knowledge


Answers :


Ans:     1. A                 2. A                 3. B                 4. C                 5. D                 6. D

  1. A 8. C                 9. A                 10. A               11. B               12. C
  2. D 14. B               15. C               16. C               17. A               18. D
  3. B 20. C







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